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    Product name Phosphite English name Phosphorous acid No. CAS 13598-36-2 HS encoding Two billion eight hundred and eleven million one hundred and ninety-nine thousand and ninety Molecular formula H3PO3 molecular weight Eighty-two quality index Item High-class goods First Grade Qualified product Appearance White crystal The content is more than% Ninety-nine Ninety-eight Ninety-seven % phosphate Zero point one Zero point two Zero point six Chloride (Cl)% Zero point zero zero one Zero point zero one Zero point zero two Sulfate% Zero Point Zero Zero Zero Five Zero point zero zero eight Zero point zero one Iron (Fe)% Zero Point Zero Zero Zero Five Zero point zero zero one Zero Point Zero Zero Five Properties and uses Colorless crystal, density 1.65g/cm3, strong moisture absorption, soluble in water, corrosive. It is widely used as raw material for producing phosphite; plastics industry is used as raw material for making plastic stabilizer; chemical reaction is used as reducing agent; in addition, it is also used in synthetic fiber and pesticide industry. Packing Woven bags lined with two layers of PE bags, net weight 25KGS; Container bags, net weight 500KGS or 1000KGS. Can also be packaged according to customer requirements. Throughput 2000 tons / year

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